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Markham Inter-Church Committee for Affordable Housing

Here is an excerpt from our official news release...


(Markham Inter-church Committee for Affordable Housing)

Seven years after the opening of "Tony Wong Place" in 2010, MICAH is pleased to announce that construction is scheduled to begin in the August of 2017 on our 4th affordable housing project in Markham. Funding details are in the process of finalization.

We will be putting up a 4 storey apartment building with 32 units - 30 for seniors, 2 for the use of "360 KIDS". 5 units will be fully wheelchair accessible. There will be meeting/common rooms on the main floor as well as laundry and storage facilities.

This new residence will be located on under-utilized land owned by Water Street Non-Profit Homes Inc. where "Cedarcrest Manor" is located. "Cedarcrest Manor" was an early and still highly successful project of MICAH completed some 25 years ago. This location is ideal because of its proximity to local public transit and also because of the Seniors' Activity Centre located on the same property.

MICAH has been working closely with SHS Consulting on this project. Our builder will be TRP Constuction of Burlington, who have contracted with Unionville architect, David Johnston.


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