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Markham Inter-Church Committee for Affordable Housing


Housing Access manages a centralized waitlist for subsidized rental housing units in York Region (not MICAH).

To apply for subsidized housing: Call Access York at 1-877-464-9675 to have an application mailed to you, or pick up an application form at Housing Access, 17310 Yonge St, Unit 9, Newmarket, ON L3Y7R8

About MICAH:

MICAH was established in 1988 as a non-profit corporation to address the need for Affordable Housing in Markham. MICAH is an affiliation of churches in Markham, members of which believe we are called to live the Gospel ideal by providing affordable rental housing for lower income residents. Member churches support MICAH through initiatives to raise start-up funds and by serving on boards. MICAH works jointly with all relevant government funding programs and has successfully completed three affordable housing projects.

MICAH appreciates continued support from its founding member churches and invites other congregations, organizations and individuals to become members of MICAH, and to work with MICAH to address the serious need for affordable Housing in Markham.

Our Mission:

Affordable Housing Changes Lives.

Establish non-profit residential accommodation in the City of Markham, exclusively for persons of low income, senior citizens primarily of low or modest income and disabled persons primarily of low or modest income.

Educate, engage, and inform the community of the need for the development and construction of affordable housing.

Our Vision:

Motivated by justice and through the work of the Church, educate, promote and contribute to the reduction of poverty in Markham.

Our Values:

  • Building on Faith – we believe in our faith as the foundation and motivation for our organization.
  • Housing our Community – we believe in the commitment to ensure safe, adequate and affordable housing.
  • Sharing the Responsibility – we believe in working with the federal, provincial and regional governments, the City of Markham and our community partners to achieve our goals and improve our community.
  • Justice for All – we believe in the dignity of all people and the treatment of our neighbours with compassion, fairness and integrity.