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Markham Inter-Church Committee for Affordable Housing

What are the housing issues facing Markham?

  • Markham's housing stock requires further diversification.
  • More affordable housing options are needed. Based on the provincial definition, affordable rental housing in Markham is housing which is affordable to households earning less than about $40,000 per year. In Markham this represents about 15,000 households.
  • Limited choice for special needs housing. Based on the provincial definition, special needs housing is defined as housing that is used by people who have specific needs beyond economic needs including, but not limited to, needs such as mobility requirements or support services needed for daily living. There are no emergency options within the City for residents who find themselves in crisis due to family breakup, loss of employment, illness, eviction, etc.

The need for Rent Geared to Income (RGI) housing (as of December 2011)

  • Long Wait List:
    • In York Region, 8688 households are waiting for affordable housing
      • Families- 2545
      • No dependants – 1803
      • Seniors – 4340 (50% of the total)
      • In Markham, 5965 households waiting for affordable housing
        • Families – 1882
        • No dependants – 1177
        • Seniors -2906

  • Income Rates in occupied units are declining since the recession
    • 67% of people have incomes under $20,000.
    • 87% of people have incomes under $30,000.


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