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Markham Inter-Church Committee for Affordable Housing

What are the social costs of homelessness?

  • Increase in crime
  • Increase in substance abuse
  • Increase in support costs to:
    • Social agencies
    • Police
    • Emergency response units
  • Increase in mental health issues
  • Increase in domestic violence
  • Increase in family breakup
  • Lack of access to needed social programs


What issues are addressed through an affordable housing program?
(see Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness Website)


With adequate housing there is a significant reduction in the use of public support services:

>> 61% FEWER interactions with EMS
>> 56% FEWER emergency room visits
>> 64% FEWER days in hospital
>> 59% FEWER interactions with police
>> 84% FEWER days in jail
>> 58% FEWER court appearances


The gap between low-income and high-income residents is greater in York Region than anywhere else in Ontario.
Some factors causing this disturbing trend:

  • Changing economic conditions
  • Demographic factors – recent immigrants, lone parent families and people living alone
  • Government policy – income and employment programs
  • Increase in lower paying service related jobs, part time employment
  • Growth of part time and contract employment versus permanent full time employment
  • Loss of company benefits and pension plans
  • Growing number of retirees with inadequate income


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